Friday, May 9, 2008


Hello Into the folds participants.
My name is Diego Gil. I am an Argentinian choreographer based in Amsterdam. Philosophy and dance are the practices that influence the most my artistic work. It is my interest to put into action the idea of "movement" as a non stop continuos flow that challenges the habitual way of organizing my body (dance) and my thinking (philosohpy). Thus, "dance" and "philosphy" carried on by the action of "movement" are the ways in which I try to relate and feel the world.

Lately I am performing a work titled "Creating Sense". Which deals with the issue of how the activity of dance movement emerges at each present time always in a new form, and how the three dancers organizes persistently a way of relating with the sense of his/her and the other movement.

Last year I sarted to work in a new project called "About Falling" ( in collaboration with dramaturge Igor Dobricic. In this piece we are developing a diagram of principles that frames a method to generate movements and its relations with space and time. The wish is to understand choreography as a simple and virtual diagram that inspires a free way to organize dance movement without the necessity to set them up previously.

This is basically what I do. My wish is to meet you personally in Montreal and continue the communication.
Looking forward enthusiastically.

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