Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hi there -

I'm new to the group so wanted to introduce myself, and say that I'm very excited about meeting you all after reading through your posts!

I am a transdisciplinary type, focused the past few years on creating interactive sound installations. But I also do performance, make video, dolls, prints, etc - it all depends on what an idea calls for.

Most of my projects focus on overlaps I find between choreographies of logic, power and movement, with particular attention paid to how these forces are altered by the introduction of new technologies.

Some questions that arise in the work: What kinds of control and/or creativity would be afforded if something as essential as a footstep were reprogrammed? Might moving in a particular way burn a logical pattern that promotes particular kinds of thought? Alternatively, might rhetorical structures lead one to move in particular ways? How might our surface control of socially/technologically scripted encounters be hacked or mined to create new/needed forms of agency and communication? I attempt to address these questions through specific, grounded marriages of sounds and actions in each piece, while responding to the cultural and physical contigencies of the site hosting the work. Many of these projects I've created on my own, but the last couple of years have also included some exciting (for me) collaborations.

I just finished a new piece for particle group, with Ricardo Dominguez, Diane Ludin and Amy Sara Carroll. They invited me to create an interactive sound installation, to suggest the invisible manner in which nanotechnology penetrates bodies, minds, capital, politics, surveillance... One iteration of the piece was done in a nicely retro museum, which allowed for an odd mash-up of classical and contemporary choreographies of control.

More photos and discussion of this project can be found here:


while video of an earlier version done in Berlin, is here:


Rather than pepper this post with more photos and video, I hope you might have a few minutes to move around my site (start on either page linked above), where you'll find video, photos and info on other works I've made.

Micha Cardenas and I are in the same program at UCSD - here's a link to a "telematic" performance/experiment we did a few months ago
: http://transition.turbulence.org/blog/2007/12/11/miscommunication-the-space-between-us/

See you soon!


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